Welcome to After the Heart, I’m so glad you’re here. This is a just a simple blog, that will likely intrigue females from just about any walk of life, but the writer’s perspective is deliciously flavored with biblical extrapolations and reflections.

Just one request, when you read, open your mind and don’t be afraid to explore. If you object to something or disagree, that’s fine, just be sure your perspective has some biblical backup.

The Author

Some time ago, a complex and somewhat corny strand of DNA found it’s way onto planet earth in the form of me, Sadie. I was born in a southern suburb of Chicago and there I was nurtured in the strongholds of Scripture and Christian living.

I was consumed with Christian living, and Christian doing, and Christian saying, but the heart of the matter was missing. It’s not that difficult to walk the walk, but it is difficult to have the heart and walk the walk, and that is what this blog is about.

I see myriads of women, trying so hard to do and be everything to everybody, which is a great aspiration, however unrealistic. Truth is missing, yet I see the hunger for Truth as well. Let’s go to the Truth together and there “{we} will find rest for our souls“.