I think, therefore… so what?

The phrase, “I think, therefore I am” was coined by Rene Descartes in the late 1600’s and became a philosophical milestone in the history of humanity. This milestone was soon followed by the renown Scientific Revolution, which ironically hails Descartes as the “Father of Modern Philosophy.” The idea behind the revolution and this time period, was a major shift from needing God. Not more than 200 years later did Friedrich Nietzsche resound, “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.”

The portrait that Nietzsche was painting was masterpiece concocted by his own mind. Nietzsche no longer saw the need for a “god” figure. Humanity was successfully moving toward machinery, modern medicine, technology, and scientific revolutions. What did anyone need God for any more? However, many opinions were staunchly wrong in these time periods. Many men, “thought” the world was flat, and many men, “thought” that leaching was an acceptable medical practice. This practice cost our own George Washington his life.

Yes, scientific breakthroughs are attributed this era, however, the human ego may be the biggest breakthrough. Rene Descartes may have sparked the irrevocable flame of the ego with his statement, so many years ago. Because of the revolutions of the time, humans began to hold their personal opinions in great esteem. The words, “I think” became and are still are of highest regard. In the olden days, the phrase, “I think,” was rarely uttered. If an idea was going to be expressed, the presentation of the idea would follow something to the extent of, “…in my humble opinion.” Society has modernized the phrase for today, and has ironically left out the word, “humble.” Opinion is defined as, “a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge” (Webster). When someone says, “I think,” they are merely expressing an opinion. However, opinions are now being held to as cold, hard facts.

So common this phrase, how frightening the consequences. You see, these opinions, held by insignificant humans, are destroying our country, our society, and our eternal destiny. I do not want to touch on politics, nor do I want to harp on the dissolution of society. Rather, I will touch the most horrifying consequence of man’s opinion, our eternal destiny.

Let’s be frank, opinions are damning people to hell. I am so tired of hearing people talk about a God that they do not know, nor seek to know. People who have never read God’s only writing, try to tell others about who He is, how He works, and what He thinks. Frightening still are Christians, who profess to have a relationship with God, read the same Bible I do, and blatantly hold to their own “feelings” above God’s expressed Word. Here are some of things people, “think.”

I think: that God loves everybody and at the end of life He will forgive us all and everyone will go to heaven.
If this statement were true, then why would God send his only Son to earth to die for sinful man? Anyone who believes this statement has obviously not read the Old Testament. 2 Peter 3:9 tells us that God does not want anyone to perish, but He wishes that everyone would come to repentance. Maybe this is where the lie that God will let everyone into heaven originates. However, Matthew 7:23 begs to differ. Christ says, that in the last day, He will send people to hell because they really do not know Him. This passage is directed at those who profess Jesus as God, but still have not given their hearts and lives to Him. This should put a check in the spirit of every Christian. Continuing on, Matthew 10:32-33 clearly says that those who deny Christ on earth will be denied passage to heaven before the Almighty God. For more on God sending people to hell, read Matthew 25:31-46.
God cannot allow sin into heaven (Eph 5:1-6).
Now, there is a solution. You see, God did send His Son (John 3:16). This Son made a way for us all to go to heaven. Anyone who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved (Rom 10:13). However, there is necessary repentance and acknowledge of sin (Rom 10:9-10, 13)

I think: that if I am good enough, God will let me into heaven.
The Bible says, in Titus 3:5-7 that there is nothing that we can do good enough to get into heaven. Also, Isaiah 64:6 calls anything good that we do, “filthy rags.” In today’s words, filthy rags are considered menstrual rags…disgusting. That is how God sees our good works. This is not too say that we should not do good works, however, these works will not get us into heaven. Taking this a step further, baptism will not get you into heaven, going to confession, praying toward Mecca, nor will meditating on happy thoughts (Eph 2:8-9). You go to heaven based on faith in Jesus Christ. Period.

I think: that Christians shouldn’t judge anybody and just love people.
Honestly, this idea makes me laugh. I’m not sure how you can read Matthew 21, where Jesus makes a whip and overturns the money changers tables, and believe that He was neither angry nor judging people. People often site Matthew 7:1 and say, “Christians are told not to judge!” Again, I laugh and say, “keep reading…” (Matthew 7:2-5). Yes, Christians are not supposed to judge without first judging themselves, but you cannot say from this passage that Jesus is saying, “not to judge.” Further, judging is commanded in John 7:24, Galatians 6:1, and James 5:19-20. Now, there are correct ways to judge, and God has laid out strict standards about how and when to judge people. I will not defend Christians who judge sin in the wrong way, but at least they are trying to stand up for truth, rather than an opinion.
This idea of not judging is closely tied in with the idea of, “tolerance” that is so heavily regarded in society. Meaning, everyone needs to tolerate everything and not say anything against anyone’s beliefs. This statement condemns itself, because by forcing someone to be tolerant, makes you not tolerant of them. How hypocritical.

My point in this blog is to show the idiocy of lies so prevalent today. Man has escalated himself to the place of God, which is terrifying to me. Man has put himself on the throne and elevated his opinion over the Word of God. I challenge you (and myself) in 2 Timothy 2:15, “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” Before your refute my points, before your bring your opinion to the table, compare all of your ideas before the living Word of God.

As a Christian, I have been challenged to listen to people’s opinions and then wonder, “What does God think?”

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